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Craig, Audrey Beatrice

(1910 – 1994) Wing Officer (Wing Off) Audrey Herring WAAAF
  • Born 28 January, 1910
  • Died 11 May, 1994, Western Australia Australia
  • Occupation Journalist, Print journalist, Servicewoman


On 17 March 1946, Wing Officer Audrey Herring was appointed to the position of Staff Officer in the Directorate of Personal Services Women’s Auxiliary Australian Airforce (WAAAF). Previously the Deputy Director WAAAF since 17 November 1943, in this new appointment Herring became responsible for all WAAAF matters.

Prior to joining the WAAAF, Herring worked as a journalist at the Courier Mail in Brisbane and also wrote for Women’s Weekly before she worked on Fleet Street, London, in 1937. Following the outbreak of the World War II she returned to Brisbane and became a Red Cross volunteer, at times cooking breakfasts for servicemen on leave.

After joining the WAAAF, Herring completed the No 1 administrative course at Methodist Ladies College, Kew. During her time in the Service she was promoted through the ranks and before being discharged was effectively in charge of the organisation.

In 1947 Herring was recruited by Sir Keith Murdoch to become the women’s editor for the Herald and Weekly Times. She left the company in March 1948 to marry Dr John Craig and the couple moved to Western Australia.

In Perth Audrey Craig became involved with community services. She was a member of the Western Australian branch of the Save the Children Fund and sponsored children from destitute backgrounds for 35 years. Also she was a board member of the Western Australian Hospital Benefits Fund for 15 years as well as being a friend of the Royal Perth Hospital for 25 years and a financial supporter of the Bible Society of Australia.

Audrey Craig died on 11 May 1994 in Western Australia.


  • 1930 - 1940

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