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Davis, Margaret Alayne Elizabeth

(1933 – )
  • Born 1 January, 1933
  • Occupation Pharmacist


Margaret Alayne Elizabeth Davis was an early Liberal MLC. In 1962 (-1963) she was elected to the Bankstown Municipal Council, and in 1966 was indirectly elected to the Legislative Council. She resigned from that position in 1978 to run for the New South Wales Legislative Assembly seat of Waverley. She did not gain election.


Margaret Davis was married, the mother of three young children, and living in Chester Hill, when she won Liberal Party preselection for the Legislative Council against 41 other candidates.

In 1978, she resigned from the Legislative Council and was preselected for Waverley, defeating five others. She was then living in Rose Bay. She needed a 7% swing and failed to get it. She is unusual in giving up an upper house seat and then failing to win the lower house seat she was preselected for.


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