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Dawbin, Annie Maria Baxter

(1816 – 1905)
  • Born 24 November, 1816, Exeter Devonshire United Kingdom
  • Died 31 December, 1905, Victoria Australia
  • Occupation Diarist


The journal of Annie Dawbin opens in September 1834 when its author, then a 17-year-old bride, is voyaging to Australia with her new husband, Lieutenant Andrew Baxter. Over the course of her life – during which she had two marriages; worked on the land; voyaged to and from Australia several times; and raised her brother’s children after the death of his wife – Dawbin filled no less than 32 journals. Her complete diaries were edited by Lucy Frost and published in 1997.

Published resources

  • Edited Book
    • 200 Australian Women: A Redress Anthology, Radi, Heather, 1988
  • Book
    • No Place for a Nervous Lady, Frost, Lucy, 1984
    • Memories of the Past by a Lady in Australia, Dawbin, Annie Baxter, 1873
    • Memories of Tasmania and of the Macleay River and New England districts of New South Wales and of Port Fairy in the western district of Port Phillip, 1834-1848, Dawbin, Annie Baxter, 1980
    • A Face in the Glass: The Journal and Life of Annie Baxter Dawbin, Frost, Lucy, 1992
    • The Journal of Annie Baxter Dawbin: July 1858 - May 1868, Dawbin, Annie Baxter, 1997
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