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Doust, Adele

(1967 – )
  • Nationality Australian
  • Born 17 March, 1967, Seven Hills New South Wales Australia
  • Occupation Human resources officer


Adele Doust is a committed environmentalist, whose career has continued to centre on environmental management. She was an Australian Greens candidate in the House of Representatives for Macquarie (1998), in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for the Blue Mountains (1999) and for the Blue Mountains City Council in 1999.


Adele Doust was born and went to school in the western suburbs of Sydney. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree majoring in Sociology at the University of New England and a Grad.Cert. Environment Management from the University of NSW.

From 1999 to 2001 she worked on the staff of Ian Cohen, MLC and as a as a Human Resources Co-ordinator. By 2005 she was the Executive Officer of the Resource Centre for Resource and Environmental Studies at the Australian National University. At the same time she was completing a Masters degree in Management at the Australian National University.

In her 1999 campaign, Adele Doust deplored the race between the major parties to espouse the harshest penalties for crime, and stressed the Greens policy of early intervention programs as a more effective way of dealing with the problem.


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