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Eagle, Robin Ann

(1951 – )
  • Born 22 July, 1951, Hopetoun Victoria Australia
  • Occupation Environmentalist, Feminist, Poet, Teacher


Robin Eagle has been active in the South Australian Women’s Movement since 1976 and a lesbian feminist activist in Victoria before then. Born in Hopetoun, Victoria, she joined the Women’s Liberation Movement in Victoria in 1975. A dedicated community worker, she helped establish and run many community groups. She is on the Board of Management for the Women’s Studies Resource Centre in Adelaide, South Australia 1999-2013. Robin has published a book of poetry.


Robin Eagle has been a lesbian feminist activist since 1975. In Melbourne she was involved in the founding of Women’s Liberation Halfway House Collective Inc ( Women’s refuge) Then in 1975 she co-founded the Vesuvia Women’s Book and Craft Association in Collingwood.

She tutored in Commerce at the University of Adelaide 1978-82. She lectured at the Light, Spencer Institutes of Technical and Further Education, South Australia, and in Alice Springs TAFE. She is a contributor to the Yulara Times when working as co-ordinator and counsellor at the Yulara Community Resource Centre in 1973-4. She was also a collective member of the Women’s Spiritual Movement, South Australia and co-founder of Plum Farm Women’s Land in 1980.

Other activities she has been involved in include: co-ordinator of the Elizabeth West Community Food Co-op; co-ordinator of the Bowden-Brompton Community Centre (SA) ; board membership of the Women’s Studies Resource Centre. And member of the YWCA Bush walking group.

Robin was on organizing collectives for feminist conferences including the Melbourne Women’s Liberation conference in 1976, the series of National Lesbian Feminist Conferences between1989-2000 and the Adelaide Women’s Liberation Conference 1996.

Robin has published a book of poetry, Distilled Essence of Eagle (1985). She has contributed to anthologies published by SA Country and City Women Writers and taught womens assertiveness, communication, creative writing at varied community centres.


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