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Edwards, Lesley

  • Occupation Horticulturalist


Lesley Edwards is a seasoned campaigner and committed environmentalist. She was an Australian Greens Party candidate in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for Penrith in 1999 and 2003; in the House of Representatives for Lindsay in 1996 (and subsequent by election 1996), 1998 and 2001; and for the Blue Mountains City Council.


Lesley Edwards has lived all her life in the Penrith electorate. She has worked as a horticulturist in various businesses, small and large. She is a leading local campaigner for the environment, and is a member of the Penrith Bushcare Network Transport, health, employment and the development of the ADI site were the main topics in her 1999 state campaign.

Lesley lives in Glenbrook with her partner Ray, and son Angus.


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