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(1925 – )
  • Born 1 January, 1925, Yvanpole Russia


Feliska’ was born in the Russian city of Yvanpole in 1925. She was a teenager during the Second World War, old enough to remember witnessing the execution of local Jewish people after the German invasion. Of Polish descent, she escaped death but was transported to a German work camp where she was put to work in a factory for three years. She managed to escape by digging her way out of the rubble when the factory was bombed.

After the war, she married and had two children before making the decision to leave Europe. Her family arrived in Australia in January 1950 as part of the wave of migration that helped to develop Australian society in the post war period.

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Archival resources

  • State Library of South Australia
    • Interview with 'Feliska' [sound recording] Interviewer: Karobi Mukherjee