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Fullerton, Mary Elizabeth

(1868 – 1946)
  • Born 14 May, 1868, Glenmaggie Victoria Australia
  • Died 23 February, 1946, Sussex United Kingdom
  • Occupation Author, Feminist, Novelist, Poet


Mary Fullerton was involved with the Victorian Socialist Party and Women’s Political Association, and was active in the suffrage movement in Australia. She wrote stories and poems for newspapers, sometimes using the pseudonyms of Alpenstock and Austeal. In 1922 she moved to England, where she developed a strong friendship with the author Miles Franklin. Over the course of her life, Fullerton published several novels and volumes of poetry. Her novel Two Women (written under a pseudonym) won a prize when it was published in 1923. Her childhood memoir, Bark House Days, was published in 1921, and reprinted twice.

Published resources

  • Edited Book
    • 200 Australian Women: A Redress Anthology, Radi, Heather, 1988
  • Book
    • Bark House Days, Fullerton, Mary, 1921
    • Passionate Friends: Mary Fullerton, Mabel Singleton and Miles Franklin, Martin, Sylvia, 2001
    • A Juno of the Bush, Fullerton, Mary, 1930
    • The People of the Timber Belt, Fullerton, Mary, 1925
    • Moods and Melodies, Fullerton, Mary, 1908
    • The Breaking Furrow, Fullerton, Mary, 1921
    • The Australian Bush, Fullerton, Mary, 1928
    • Moles do so little with their privacy, Fullerton, Mary, 1942
    • The Wonder and the Apple, Fullerton, Mary, 1946
    • Rufus Sterne: A Novel, Fullerton, Mary (under pseudonym of Robert Gray), 1932
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Archival resources

  • National Library of Australia, Manuscript Collection
    • Correspondence and literary papers 1887-1954 [microform]
    • Papers of Mary E. Fullerton, 1920-1946 [manuscript]
  • Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
    • Mary E. Fullerton papers, ca.1880-ca.1946