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Geelong Girls’ Unity Club

(From 1924 – 1965)
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In 1924 a committee of middle-class women of Geelong, concerned that girls beginning work at fourteen were not fully prepared for life, met to form the Blue Triangle Community. Their stated aim was ‘to help Girls to find the best in life by offering opportunities to develop all their powers’. Employers provided support, including an annual donation. Industry-based teams played basketball on Saturday afternoons, and  tennis clubs and a swimming club were formed. Club rooms were secured, and educational and social activities were held for Senior girls (those over 20) and  younger ‘Girl Citizens’.  They included sex education. A Friday night ‘At Home’ and Sunday teas were instituted. Volunteers visited workplaces each pay day to collect money to bank on the girls’ behalf, a summer camp was run to provide an annual holiday at a reasonable cost, and opportunities were provided for service to the community. 



1929 & 1933: The Community tried closer co-operation with the YWCA. Though their concerns overlapped, the Blue Triangle Community had its own clearly defined purpose, and both attempts were abandoned. 

1935: The name of the organisation was changed to the ‘Geelong Girl’s Unity Club’, to avoid confusion with the YWCA, and its ‘Blue Triangle Forward Movement Appeal’.

1936: Junior girls severed their connection with the Girls Citizens movement.

1927: The Club affiliated with the Women’s Peace Movement.

1939: A former members’ club formed, becoming the Unity Club Auxiliary.

1944: The club affiliated with the new branch of the National Council of Women of Victoria.

1942: The club instituted a luncheon hour for business girls to bring in lunches.

1948: ‘Teens Club’ begun.

1956: ‘Young Marrieds’ Club’ begun.

1963: ‘The Younger Set’ formed, in which Teens, Young Married and others combined for sporting events.

1965: With attendance down, the Club dissolved. The Unity Basket ball Association was self-supporting, and continued. It still operates today, as the Geelong Unity Netball Association Inc.


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