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Hanson, Pauline Lee

(1954 – )
  • Nationality Australian
  • Born 27 May, 1954, Brisbane Queensland Australia
  • Occupation Parliamentarian, Shop proprietor


Pauline Hanson was elected to the House of Representatives of the Australian Parliament as the Member for Oxley in 1996. Originally a Liberal Party candidate for the seat, the Party disendorsed her in February 1996, less than a month before the election. She contested the seat as an Independent and was successful. She remained in Parliament for one term only, suffering defeat at the 1998 election. Before entering the Federal Parliament, she served for one year as a Local Government Councillor for Ipswich City Council. She continues to hold political ambitions, and has stood unsuccessfully as a candidate for the Australian Senate in 2004 and was a candidate again at the Queensland state election, which was held in March 2009.


Pauline Hanson grew up in Woolloongabba and was educated at Buranda Girls’ School and Cooparoo High School. She was a small business operator before entering the Federal Parliament.
In 1997, during her term in Parliament she formed the One Nation Party and served as its National President until January 2002. As a result of her involvement in the Party’s affairs, she was convicted of electoral fraud and sent to gaol in 2003. She spent eleven weeks in prison, until her conviction was overturned.
Pauline Hanson became a controversial political figure as she was accused of racism in her attitude to asylum seekers and immigrants.


Published resources

  • Resource
  • Book
    • Off the Rails, the Pauline Hanson Trip, Kingston, Margot, 1999
    • Untamed and Unashamed: Time to explain, Hanson, Pauline, 2007

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  • National Library of Australia
    • [Biographical cuttings on Pauline Hanson, containing one or more cuttings from newspapers or journals]

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