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  • Entry ID: AWE5122

Haynes, Edith Annie Mary

(1876 – 1968)
  • Born 1 January, 1876, New South Wales Australia
  • Died 31 December, 1968, Western Australia Australia
  • Occupation Barrister, Law clerk, Lawyer


Edith Haynes was born in Sydney in 1876 and moved with her family to Western Australia in 1891. In 1900, having worked at her uncle’s law firm, she applied to the Barristers Board of Western Australia to sit the examinations necessary to practise as a lawyer. The board refused her request on the grounds that a woman was not a ‘person’ under the Legal Practitioners Act 1893. Haynes challenged the decision in the Supreme Court of Western Australia, but it was upheld; she was never admitted to practice. Edith Haynes died in 1968.

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