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International Project Files

  • Repository The University of Melbourne Archives
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  • Date Range 1954 - 2005
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    [Red Cross Archives series reference: N017] Comprises files relating to international projects where the Australian Red Cross responded to a humanitarian crises by providing assistance in the development of health plans; engineering and technical support in medical building projects; medical expertise and equipment; logistical advice regarding agriculture, water resources and sanitation. Other programs include health education programmes; first aid; the prevention of STDs; care and counselling for HIV/AIDS infections; English language programs; refugee support at transit camps and services for displaced and vulnerable persons. These programmes were managed by the Australian Red Cross, National Office – International Department. See also: Reports on project impacts in Africa and the Asia Pacific and Region http://www.redcross.org.au/program-impact.aspx http://www.womenaustralia.info/biogs/AWE0722b.htm These files typically contain legal agreements, correspondence, memoranda, studies, interim and final project reports including financial expenditure, publications, posters; some files contain photographs of project progress. Project locations include – but is not limited to – Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Botswana, Nigeria, Burundi, Senegal, Rwanda, Zaire, Sudan, Libya, Mauritania, Mali, Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Nepal, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, East Timor, Panama, Lebanon, Afghanistan and East-Jerusalem. Researchers should note that under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 protections govern the use of the Red Cross emblem. For further information see Archives staff.

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