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Kirkby, Elisabeth

(1921 – )
  • Born 26 January, 1921, Bolton United Kingdom
  • Occupation Actor, Broadcaster, Farmer, Parliamentarian, Scriptwriter


Elizabeth Kirkby, a member of the Australian Democrats, was a Member of the directly elected Legislative Council. Date of Election 19 September 1981 and 25 May 1991. She served from 1981-1998. She was State Parliamentary Leader of the Democrats from 1981 – 1998.
Councillor of Temora Shire Council 1999 – 2004
Military Service: Auxiliary Territorial Service 1942-1945.
Elizabeth, who was granted retention of title of “Honourable” for life, worked as a Parliamentarian, actress, script writer, radio public affairs commentator and grazier. She became Australia’s oldest university graduate at the age of 93 in 2014, when she was awarded a PhD from the University of Sydney.

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