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Lam, Keelah

  • Occupation Businesswoman


Keelah Lam is a committed and active environmentalist. She represented the Australian Greens in the House of Representatives elections for Warringah in 1998 and 2001and in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly elections for Manly in 2003.


Keelah Lam is an active and committed community member, interested in sustainable living, especially in an urban setting. Thee Sydney Morning Herald reported that she ran her 2003 campaign out of the back of a 1978 Volvo, and from the front room of her Fairlight home, which was equipped with a dry compost toilet. Her transport policy focussed on reducing car use.

She is a founding member and co-ordinator of the Manly Food Co-op, a member of the Waste Crisis Network of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, and a member of the Manly Council’s community sustainability, waste and environment committees. She runs a successful small business and has four children.


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