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Liaison Committee of Women’s International Organisations – Australia Group

(From 1950 – 1963)
  • Occupation Women's Rights Organisation


The Australia Group of the Liaison Committee of Women’s International Organisations was formed in April 1950 to gain status and representation at United Nations meetings held in Australia and South East Asia. The Australian Group operated for some time to combine national and international functions, but in 1954 it was resolved to limit activities to those of “a group of organisations” specially concerned with such subjects as human rights, the status of women, and the nationality of married women.

The Australian Group organised Australian participation in various international-agency conferences in the South-East Asian area, notably the United Nations Commissions on the Status of Women, and the United Nations Seminar on Civic Responsibilities and Increased Participation of Asian Women in Public Life (1957).

In 1963 the Liaison Committee headquarters group in London voluntarily withdrew from consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and the Australia Group, feeling that the Australian Committee was no longer necessary, ceased to function later in that year.

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  • National Library of Australia, Manuscript Collection
    • Records of the Liaison Committee of Women's International Organisations, Australia Group, 1947-1963 [manuscript]

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