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Loch, Joice Mary NanKivell

(1887 – 1982)
  • Born 24 January, 1887, Farnham Queensland Australia
  • Died 8 October, 1982, Ouranouolis Greece
  • Occupation Author, Humanitarian, Journalist, Print journalist, Welfare worker


While working as an author and journalist, Joice NanKivell Loch became a volunteer medical orderly with Quaker Famine Relief worldwide. In memory of her brother Geoff, who died in France during World War I, she wrote The Solitary Pedestrian. She reviewed books for the Sun-Herald in Melbourne, and worked as secretary to the Professor of Classics at Melbourne University. After the war, with her husband Sydney Loch, Joice travelled to London, then Dublin. Together they wrote Ireland in Travail. In later years, Joice and Sydney developed a strong connection with Greece, where they made their home. At the American Farm School near Thessaloniki, Joyce worked throughout the Greek refugee crisis following the massacre of Greeks at Smyrna.


  • 1910 - 1930

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