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Maclurcan, Hannah

(1860 – 1936)
  • Born 17 October, 1860, Tambaroora New South Wales Australia
  • Died 27 September, 1936, Sydney New South Wales
  • Occupation Hotelier


Hannah Maclurcan took over as licensee of the Wentworth Hotel, Sydney, following the death of her second husband Donald Maclurcan. Under her management, the hotel became fashionable and thrived until the depression years. It began to turn a profit once again in 1936, the year of Hannah’s own death. She was survived by her son, Charles Dansie Maclurcan, her three daughters, Gertrude Moore (nee Wigham), Jean Spencer Watts (nee Wigham) and Evelyn Postle (nee Maclurcan) and her third husband, Robert Lee. Charles Maclurcan’s son was Donald Charles Boulton Maclurcan. His son was John Maclurcan.

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