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Magarey, Susan

(1943 – )
  • Born 23 April, 1943, Brisbane Queensland Australia
  • Occupation Feminist, Historian


“Margarey is founding Editor of Australian Feminist Studies, founding Director of the Research Centre for Women’s Studies at the University of Adelaide, and author of a the biography of Catherine Spence Unbridling the Tongues of Women (1985). Other
publications include Debutante Nation: Feminism contests the 1890s, co-edited with Sue Rowley and Susan Sheridan (1993) and Women in a Restructuring Australia: Work and Welfare, co-edited with Anne Edwards (1995).
(Source: Passions of the first wave feminists, Susan Magarey.)”

Published resources

  • Book
    • Unbridling the tongues of women : A Biography of Catherine Helen Spence, Magarey, Susan, c1985
    • Passions of the first wave feminists:, Magarey, Susan, 2001
    • A bibliography of Australian Women's History, Magarey, Susan and Ryan, Lyndall, 1990
    • Debutante Nation: Feminism Contests the 1890s, Magarey, Susan; Rowley, Sue and Sheridan, Susan, 1993
    • Women in a Restructuring Australia: Work and Welfare, Edwards, Anne; Magarey, Susan (edited by), 1995
    • Human Rights and Reconciliation, Magarey, Susan (edited by), 1999
    • Dame Roma: glimpses of a glorious life, Magarey, Susan, 2002
  • Conference Proceedings
    • Women's Research Centre Women's Studies Symposium, Poiner, Gretchen; Magarey, Susan, 1993
  • Sound recording
    • Interview with Susan Magarey for the 'Interchange' programme November 16, 1977: a 2XX Radio Station broadcast [sound recording]/interviewer: Biff Ward., Magarey, Susan, 1977
  • Resource
  • Site Exhibition

Archival resources

  • State Library of South Australia
    • Speech re Catherine Helen Spence
    • Interview with Sylvia Kinder [sound recording] Interviewer: Susan Magarey
    • A History of the Australian Women's Movement since 1967 : SUMMARY RECORD [sound recording] Interviewers: Kate Borrett, Susan Magarey, Deborah Worsley-Pine and Sarah Zetlein
    • Address by Dr. Susan Magarey [sound recording]
    • Women in Politics: A Forum in the Centenary Year of Women's Suffrage [sound recording]
  • Australian National University Archives
    • Women's Studies - Tenth Anniversary at ANU - Dr. Dorothy Broom, Dr. Jill Matthews, Dr. Susan Magarey, Ms. Wang Ying, Ms. Wu Lintao, Ms. Xu Xuehai, Ms. Liu Maoshu, Ms. Lian Lijuan, Kathleen Taperell & others

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    • EMILY's List Australia (1996 - )
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