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McClung, Jean

  • Occupation Carer, Farmer, Political candidate


A follower of Lyndon LaRouche’s economic theories, Jean McClung was a Citizens Electoral Council candidate in the following elections:
House of Representatives, Hume, 1998
House of Representatives, Gilmore, 2001, 2004
New South Wales Legislative Assembly, Southern Highlands, 2003

Jean McLung, who had previously owned and run a small farm in the Gunning area, moved to Bowral in the late 1990s to care for her elderly mother. She believed passionately that Australian society had degenerated and there was despair and apathy amongst all age groups which had to be eradicated. This belief and her opposition to privatisation and deregulation led her to the policies of Lyndon LaRouche, the American founder of the Citizens Electoral Council. She was also in favour of Australia becoming a republic.

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