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McSweeney, Robyn Mary

(1957 – )
  • Born 9 October, 1957, Bridgetown Western Australia Australia
  • Occupation Parliamentarian


Robyn McSweeney was elected to the Legislative Council of the Thirty-sixth Parliament of Western Australia for as the Liberal member for the South West Region on 10 February 2001. She was re-elected in 2005 (for term commencing 22 May 2005) and again on 6 September 2008 for term commencing 22 May 2009. She has held the following portfolios: Minister for Child Protection; Community Services; Seniors and Volunteering: 23 September 2008 – present (November 2009)  and the Minister for Women’s Interests: 9 February 2009 – present (November 2009).


Robyn Mary McSweeney was born in Bridgetown, Western Australia on 9 October 1957, and educated at Bridgetown and Manjimup High Schools. She has four children with husband Michael, and divides her time between living in Bridgetown and in Perth. McSweeney holds a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology and her main interests and passions lie in issues relating to social and family policy. She was elected as a Member of the Legislative Council for the South West Region in 2001. Robyn also chaired the Legislative Committee on the Adequacy of Foster Care Assessment Procedures in 2005 and served two terms on the Environment and Public Affairs Committee.


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