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Morice, Louise

(1859 – 1951)
  • Nationality Australian
  • Born 1 March, 1859, Adelaide South Australia Australia
  • Died 10 June, 1951, South Australia Australia
  • Occupation Kindergarten worker, Social reformer


Lucy Morice was committed to issues of social justice throughout her life. She, with her aunt, Catherine Helen Spence, founded the Woman’s League in 1895 after women had gained the franchise in South Australia in 1894. It aimed to ‘educate women politically and to work for the interests of women and children’, but did not receive the support of women. Her major commitment however, was to the Kindergarten Union of South Australia, which she helped to found in 1905. She believed that kindergarten was the hope of the future and she saw it as a means of combating what she considered was the regimentation of the state school system. She has a kindergarten named after her in North Adelaide. In 1936 she was appointed Member of the British Empire (M. B. E.) for services to social welfare.

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