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Muir, Sylvia Jessie Mimmi

(1915 – 1996)
  • Born 24 August, 1915, Longreach Queensland Australia
  • Died 18 February, 1996
  • Occupation Army Nurse, Nurse


During World War II, Sylvia Muir, along with fellow Queensland Joyce Tweddell, became a prisoner of war (POW) when she was captured, together with many other nurses, by the Japanese after the fall of Singapore in February 1942. She was interned in Sumatra for three and a half years before her recovery from the camp at the cessation of the war.

Published resources

Archival resources

  • National Library of Australia
    • [Biographical cuttings on Sylvia Muir, former nursing sister, Japanese POW, containing one or more cuttings from newspapers or journals]
  • National Archives of Australia, National Office, Canberra
    • MUIR SYLVIA JESSIE MIMMI : Service Number - QX22816 : Date of birth - 24 Aug 1915 : Place of birth - LONGREACH QLD : Place of enlistment - BRISBANE QLD : Next of Kin - MACGREGOR C
  • Australian War Memorial, Research Centre
    • Lieutenant Sylvia Muir, Australian Army Nursing Service
    • Group portrait in the hospital grounds of original Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) Staff and three physiotherapists who sailed from Sydney in January 1941 to staff the 2/10th Australian General Hospital (AGH)
    • Group portrait of Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) nurses, who were former prisoners of war (POWs), ob board the hospital ship Manunda on its arrival in Australia

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