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Munro, Dorothy Jean

(1921 – 2011)
  • Born 27 December, 1921, Glebe Point New South Wales Australia
  • Died 1 April, 2011
  • Occupation Servicewoman


Dorothy Munro (née Otter) worked as a secretary in the New South Wales Valuer Generals Department before enrolling in the Women’s Royal Australian Naval Service (WRANS) on 12 May 1943. During her service she was a secretary at the Fairmile Training School and had postings at both HMAS Penguin and HMAS Rushcutter. She achieved the rank of Petty Officer before being discharged on 31 January 1946.

During 1946 Dorothy married and did not return to the work force until all three of her children were at school. Before retiring in 1983, she held several secretarial positions including secretary to general managers and department head. Following her discharge from the WRANS, Munro joined the Naval Association of Australia and participated in social activities and memorial services. After her retirement she became a committee member of the WRANS. In 1990 Munro joined the office staff of the Naval Association first as an office assistant, then as assistant State secretary and finally State secretary before retiring in February 2002. In June of 2002 she became president of the Ex-Women’s Royal Naval Service (NSW)

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