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Registers of Letters Received

  • Repository Queensland State Archives
  • Reference Series ID: 12844
  • Date Range 1 January 1897 - 31-Dec-35
  • Description

    This series consists of registers kept by the Home Secretary’s Office for registration of inwards correspondence. From about 1904, registers for each year are subject arranged into general, charitable relief, benevolent asylums, and institutional etc. (various institutions such as Blind, Deaf and Dumb Institute, Diamantina Hospital, Dunwich and Charters Towers Benevolent Asylums as well as broader headings such as prisoners, relief and indigents etc.). Within each register there is an alphabetical arrangement by function or agencies (for example, benches A-Z), for which the Home Secretary was responsible, and an alphabetical listing, A-Z, of letters from various individuals and organisations. Each entry within a register provides the number of the letter, the numbers of any previous or subsequent correspondence, the date of the letter and of its registration, the author and subject of the letter and the action taken. These registers also contain entries for the correspondence of the Chief Secretary for 1897 to 1898 when the Office of the Chief Secretary was established as a separate entity.

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