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Rivett, Amy Christine

(1891 – 1962)
  • Born 28 February, 1891, Yarrawonga Victoria Australia
  • Died 14 July, 1962
  • Occupation Medical practitioner


Amy Rivett was a medical practitioner who specialised in gynaecology. She was a disciple of Marie Stopes and advocated birth control. During WWI she worked in several hospitals in Brisbane. After the war she moved into private practice, first on her own and then, from 1946, with her brother Edward in Sydney. She was a founding member of the Queensland Medical Women’s Society.


Amy Rivett was educated at the University of Sydney (MB 1915; ChM 1918). Over the course of her career she worked as Superintendent, Hospital for Sick Children (Brisbane) 1915-17; resident medical officer, Brisbane General Hospital 1917; resident medical officer, Lady Bowen Hospital 1918; and in private practice, Wickham Terrace 1919-ca 1946. She studied in London and Vienna in 1936, and moved into private practice with her brother Edward in Sydney from 1946. As municipal medical officer in Brisbane she was in charge of the health of licensed prostitutes. She specialised in gynaecology and experimented in mental telepathy and extra-sensory perception.


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