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Shillingsworth, Jessie

(1893 – 1981)
  • Nationality Australian
  • Born 1 January, 1893, Beechal Creek, north of Eulo Queensland Australia
  • Died 31 December, 1981
  • Occupation Community worker


Jessie Shillingsworth, of Margany descent, was born at Beechal Creek, north of Eulo in southwest Queensland. As a girl, she lived at Guwany-Mungarie camp, near the present Bundoona station. She married Arthur Shillingsworth and raised four sons and two daughters.

Jessie was the last person to have extensive knowledge of the language and culture of her people. She had not spoken her language for forty years prior to 1967, when she was first asked about it. She subsequently contributed many words to the grammar of her language published by Hazel McKellar in 1984. Jessie was also strongly opposed to the alcohol that was causing such damage to her people.

Published resources

  • Edited Book
    • The Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander history, society and culture, Horton, David, 1994
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