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Singer, Jill

(1957 – 2017)
  • Born 1 January, 1957, Korumburra Victoria Australia
  • Died 8 June, 2017, Melbourne Victoria Australia
  • Occupation Journalist, Print journalist, Radio Journalist, Television Journalist


A journalist with extensive experience in the print and electronic media Jill Singer has worked at all levels behind and in front of the camera and microphone across Australia for both commercial and public broadcasters. Jill has produced and presented radio programs from remote rural locations, and designed, produced and presented national television news and current affairs programs. As well as winning awards for television broadcasts on architectural and medical issues, Jill won the Walkley award in 1992 for best television investigative journalist and the Quill award for best television current affairs report in 1999.


Jill Singer won the 1992 Walkley Award for best television investigative journalist for the story called ‘Baby M’. The story took six weeks to prepare and was described by the judges as ‘an outstanding report which investigated the circumstances surrounding very emotional issues – the death of a severely abnormal baby’.

It was a story of national significance because it hinged on fundamental inadequacies in Australian law regarding the rights and obligations of doctors and parents in relation to the treatment of very disabled or sick newborn babies.

In the course of producing the story, Singer negotiated exclusive access to doctors, specialists, Right to Life advocates and ‘Baby M’s’ parents.

As a direct result of the story, the Victorian Law reform Commission drew up guidelines for parents and doctors so that the trauma endured by ‘Baby M’s’ parents would never be repeated.



  • 1984 - 1970
  • 1992 - 1992

    Best Investigative Report (Television), ‘Baby M’, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Walkley Award (Television)
  • 1992 - 1992

    Gold Award – Best Piece of Journalism, ‘Baby M’, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Walkley Award (Gold Walkley)

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  • Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection
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