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Sullivan, Kathryn Jean

(1942 – )
  • Nationality Australian
  • Born 8 March, 1942, Brisbane Queensland Australia
  • Occupation Parliamentarian, Teacher, University teacher


A member of the Liberal Party of Australia, Kathy Martin was elected to the Australian Senate as a Representative for Queensland at the 1974 federal election. She remained in the Senate until 1984, when she resigned to contest a seat in the House of Representatives under her married name, Kathy Sullivan. She served as the Member for Moncrieff, Queensland, from December 1984, until her retirement in 2001. She held the position of Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 1997-2000. She was the first woman to serve in both Houses of the Federal Parliament and holds the distinction of being the longest serving woman in that institution.


Kathy Sullivan was educated at the University of Queensland, where she graduated in arts. She was a teacher, administrative officer and part-time lecturer before entering politics.


Published resources

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  • Book
    • So Many Firsts: Liberal Women from Enid Lyons to the Turnbull Era, Fitzherbert, Margaret, 2009

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  • National Library of Australia
    • [Biographical cuttings on Kathy Martin, former senator, containing one or more cuttings from newspapers or journals]
    • [Biographical cuttings on Kathy Sullivan, politician, containing one or more cuttings from newspapers or journals]

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