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Taylor, Nola

  • Occupation Community arts worker, Environmentalist


Nola Taylor has been an active environmentalist over several decades. In 1995 she stood as an Independent candidate in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly election for Rockdale, campaigning on behalf of the Transport Action Group Against Motorways. In 1999 Nola re-contested the seat of Rockdale, but this time as an Australian Greens candidate. At the time of her first campaign, she had lived in the electorate for more than two decades and had been active in the Rockdale community for many years: a founding member of the Rockdale and District Landscape Heritage Committee, which has successfully fought to restore and preserve the remaining bushland area. Nola Taylor has also campaigned over a decade against the construction of motorways and has served on the Committee of the Community Resource Centre, having written extensively for its newspaper Info News. She is in favour of Australia becoming a republic and is a Community Arts worker.

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