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Victorian Federation of Catholic Parents’ Clubs

(From 1958 – 1998)
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The Victorian Federation of Catholic Parents’ Clubs, originally named the Victorian Federation of Catholic Mothers’ Clubs, was established in August 1958. The decision to form the federation was made at a meeting held in the Carmelite Hall in the Melbourne suburb of Middle Park. Five hundred women delegates from one hundred and six organisations associated with schools in suburban and country parishes attended. Its aims were to support and publicise the work, achievements and needs of Catholic schools in Victoria and to seek free education for all children in the schools of their parents’ choice. Its motto was ‘Love Conquers All’. It worked for forty years to achieve its aims and ceased functioning in 1998.


Mr J Carr, impressed by the success of the mothers’ clubs in state schools, suggested that the Federation be formed. The inaugural office bearers were: president, Mrs Cullen, vice presidents Mrs Dynon and Mrs Crough, secretary Mrs Cuffley, Treasurer Mrs Phelan. Mrs Marie Kohn, president in 1969 was a tireless worker and held positions of president, secretary, assistant secretary and regional organiser throughout the federation’s existence. She was made a Life Member.

The aims of the federation were:
*To promote the educational welfare of children in the community.
* Publicise the work, achievements and needs of Catholic schools.
* Foster a desire for better educational facilities and opportunities.
* Provide schools with modern improvements and teaching aids.
* Seek free education for all children from kindergarten to matriculation in the schools of their parents’ choices.
* To promote co-operation between parents and teachers and to assist parents to better fulfil their role in the education and training of their children.
* To encourage proper co-operation between Mothers’ Clubs in different districts.
* To express the views of Catholic mothers on matters affecting the education and welfare of their children.

The Federation could claim some success when the federal Government introduced a per capita grant of $35.00 per primary child and $50.00 per secondary student in 1969.

The final address of the Victorian Federation of Catholic Parents’ Clubs was
22 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Vic. 3065


Published resources

  • Newspaper Article
    • 500 representatives of Catholic Mothers' Clubs met to form a Federation, 1958
  • Report
    • Annual report, Victorian Federation of Catholic Mothers' Clubs and Parents' Associations, 1959
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Archival resources

  • Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne, Melbourne Diocesan Historical Commission
    • Victorian Federation of Catholic Parents' Clubs records

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