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Vinnicombe, Sue

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Sue Vinnicombe is one of only a handful of women endorsed by the National party and its predecessors over eight decades. She was their candidate in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly election for the seat of Tweed in 2003.


Sue Vinnicombe took part in the 8th International Women in Leadership Conference held in Western Australia in 1999, giving a paper on problems of women in management.

In 2003, Sue Vinnicombe was one of three women endorsed by the National Party. For the election, She produced her own action plan for the Tweed area, which stated that the Tweed had been neglected on essential services such as hospitals, schools, roads and police. She was in favour of sustainable development but she avoided any detailed development plan, not wishing to be linked to the local Council’s actions which had been investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption and the Department of Local Government. In the event, Sue Vinnicombe was narrowly beaten by the sitting Labor member.


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