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Whitaker, Anne-Maree Harriet Cox

(1955 – )
  • Nationality Australian
  • Born 7 January, 1955, Auckland New Zealand
  • Occupation Historian, Political staffer, Public servant


Anne-Maree Whitaker has moved from work as a public servant and political staffer, to a career as a professional historian with a special interest in Australia’s Irish and Catholic history. An ALP member, she was a candidate in the House of Representatives election for Wentworth in 1987 and in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly election for Bligh in 1991. Anne-Marie had more success in local politics being a member of the South Sydney Council between 1989-1995.


Anne-Maree Whitaker came to Australia in 1977, joined NSW public service and worked in policy and public relations fields. She was appointed to the personal staff of Ken Gabb, Minister for Mineral Resources and Aboriginal Affairs and joined ALP in 1983.

Anne Maree Whitaker holds Masters degrees in both European and Australian history (East Anglia UK, 1977; MA Sydney 1985). She also has a BA (Canterbury NZ, 1975) and a PhD (Macquarie, 1993). At the time of her campaign for Wentworth she was working as a broadcaster and programmer with the Irish Heritage program of 2SER-FM.She became an independent researcher and historian, with extensive publications and consultancies.


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