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Women’s Electoral Lobby

  • Repository The University of Melbourne Archives
  • Reference 1998.0002
  • Date Range 1991 - 1997
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    Book into which have been inscribed or written the names, address signatures, comments etc. of women invited to or associated with, WEL’s 20th Anniversary of their ‘Green Guide’ to the 1972 federal election candidates (issued with The Age), held at Caulfield Park 22 November 1992; inc, TS programme, signatures of attenders, apologies, also (at rear) mailing list stickers for 20th Anniversary Committee and others contacted in 1991-2. Copy of printed invitation to WEL 25th Anniversary Dinner, 21 November 1997, with signatures of some attenders, some with comments, list of apologies, plus 4 computer-printed pages of ‘Notes by Katy Richmond, written on 25.11.97’, describing the organization of the dinner and the proceedings on the evening, followed by a digest of news of a number of early WEL members. Interleaved, a current WEL brochure. (All the above entered in an ornamented but otherwise blank book titled on the cover ‘Matisse, A Journal’.)

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