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Women’s Services, Sub Branch RSL (NSW)

  • Occupation Ex-Armed services organisation


In 1946 the Women’s Services Sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League (RSL) received its Charter.

Membership to the League is open to:
• Those who served in the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in either of the two World Wars
• or in any theatre of conflict; or served overseas for not less than six months as a member of an approved peace-keeping force;
• or served for not less than six months in the regular or reserve forces of the ADF,
• or of any country not an enemy of Australia (shorter service can also qualify if discharge was honourable and for reasons beyond an individual’s control);
• or if you are an Australian or allied citizen and served with or in support of the ADF or allied forces in any theatre or conflict;
• or served during World War II, as a member of the Australian Women’s Land Army or as a member of a Voluntary Aid Detachment in a military or convalescent hospital. [1]

[1] http://www.rslnsw.com.au/index.cfm?page=237

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