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Every page of a newspaper is a woman's page

Mrs G. Fisher; President - Mother's Union; The Canberra Times, Friday 17 November 1950


The Women's Pages: Australian Women and Journalism since 1850 highlights the achievements of Australian women journalists and their contributions to the nation's public life and culture. Women from around the nation, across time and all forms of media, have been included. A list of women Walkley Award winners is included to demonstrate the range and quality of women's journalism that has been produced since the inaugural awards in 1956, a time that roughly coincides with the emergence of the second wave feminist movement.

Short historical notes, entered into a searchable database linked to this exhibition, have been prepared for over 100 women. Some contain links to further bibliographical and archival resources. Longer essays have been prepared about a selection of women.

This exhibition is a project of the National Foundation for Australian Women as part of the Foundation's ongoing initiative, the Australian Women's Archives Project.

Work on this project was generously funded in 2007-8 by the Copyright Agency Limited.