Margaret Bradshaw

c. 1940
Lawyer and Solicitor

A once -only candidate, Margaret Bradshaw ran for the Liberal Party in the Blue Mountains elections of 1984.

Margaret Bradshaw joined the Liberal Party c.1974. She was reported to have conducted her 1984 campaign by telephone from the lounge room of her home. She distributed her literature through the post, saying, "In the mountains, letterboxing is strictly for mountain goats." She campaigned for better trains and roads, an independent water supply and an immediate start on two new high schools.

Sources used to compile this entry: Putting Skirts on the Sacred Benches: Women Candidates for the New South Wales Parliament, Australian Women's Archives Project, 2006,; Sun Herald11 March 1984; Sydney Morning Herald 21 March 1984.

Prepared by Annette Alafaci