Joan Martin

Queensland, Australia
Barrister, Lawyer and Solicitor

Joan Martin worked in the Commonwealth Crown Solicitor's Office from 1943 to 1987. She commenced her career as a typist and became a Legal Officer, rising to the position of Principal Legal Officer.

In 1943 when Joan joined the newly opened Crown Solicitor's Office in Brisbane, Una Prentice and Mollie Whitehouse were Legal Officers.

Following the end of the War, she saw many women give up their jobs as men returned from the War. Joan became head typist but by 1960 was concerned at the prospect of spending her life behind a typewriter. In 1960, she completed the adult matriculation course and in 1961 she enrolled as a part-time law student at the University of Queensland.

Joan completed her studies in seven years. In December 1967 she was admitted as a barrister and was immediately appointed as a Legal Officer with the Crown Solicitor. Her work primarily involved tax and general recovery work. Joan became a Senior Legal Officer in 1973/4 in charge of the Taxation and General Recovery Section. She was appointed a Principal Legal Officer in 1985, in charge of the expanded Tax Recovery Section.

Joan remained in the Crown Solicitor's Office until her retirement in 1987.

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