Veronica McCarthy

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Lawyer, Partner and Solicitor

Veronica McCarthy left school at the age of 15 and joined the public service. She decided to become a librarian and completed secondary school by evening classes. However, when Myles Kane offered her articles of clerkship, she accepted.

In 1967 McCarthy began her articles, performed secretarial work at Roberts & Kane and attended the University of Queensland at night. In 1972 she was admitted as a solicitor, the 42nd woman to be placed on the roll. She continued to work as a solicitor at Roberts & Kane where she became a partner in 1977.

Veronica McCarthy was the inaugural Secretary of the Women Lawyers Association, a position she continues to hold. She has served on the Law Society Grants Committee and was a member of the Supreme Court Library Committee.

Sources used to compile this entry: Purdon, Susan and Rahemtula, Aladin (eds), A Woman's Place: 100 Years of Queensland Women Lawyers, Supreme Court of Queensland Library, Brisbane, 2005.

Prepared by Nikki Henningham