Anna Brown

Lawyer and Solicitor

Anna Brown has worked with the HRLC since 2011, and has led much of the Centre's work on LGBTI rights, police accountability, protester rights, and equality law reform. Her work has included strategic litigation to advance marriage equality (Cth v ACT); recognise sex and gender diversity (Norrie's case), and efforts to strengthen protection of political expression and assembly (Muldoon v Melbourne City Council; Attorney-General of SA v City of Adelaide). Major law reform projects include securing federal LGBTI discrimination protections and ongoing work to expunge historical convictions for gay sex offences in various states in Australia. Anna was named Victorian GLBTI person of the year in the inaugural GLOBE community awards in November 2014 in recognition for her contribution to the LGBTI community. Anna is Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Law Institute of Victoria, Co-Convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby and on the board of the National LGBTI Health Alliance and ILGA Oceania. Anna was previously an adviser to the former Victorian Attorney-General and Deputy Premier, the Hon Rob Hulls. She has also worked as a Senior Solicitor with the Victorian Government Solicitor's Office, a Senior Associate with Allens Arthur Robinson and a Federal Court associate.

Prepared by Larissa Halonkin