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Written by Judy Lambert (edited from blogs prepared by Jane Elix), Australian National University

Born in Hobart in 1990, Hannah Aulby grew up in an environmentally active family and was part of forest rallies from a young age. A full year as an exchange student in Brazil at the age of 15 galvanized Hannah's interest in politics. Part of the small group that formed the Young Greens in Tasmania in 2006, Hannah was a delegate to the Global Young Greens conference in Nairobi, Kenya at the end of that year. While travelling in South America in 2008 she was also part of the organizing group for the Global Greens conference in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Before embarking on her Economics and Arts degree at the University of Tasmania, Hannah was a driving force in establishing Climate Action Hobart, and in early 2010 was the Assistant Campaign Manager for the Tasmanian Greens successful State election campaign. Since August 2011, Hannah has been the Director of Fundraising and Engagement for the climate action group, Beyond Zero Emissions. While working in this role she is also continuing her studies part-time.

Hannah expresses appreciation for the leadership skills learned while attending courses run by the Green Institute (http://members.greeninstitute.org.au/events) but also for what she has learned from watching people and organisations with whom she has been involved. She describes differences between women and men as leaders as 'Women push their agenda along a bit more quietly and more carefully ... It's hard to generalise, but men are maybe a bit less conscious of the consequences of their decisions, more single focused on a few things that they've decided to pursue'. She sees her own leadership skills as being 'quite good at formalising things. Instead of just talking, I can get stuff moving, setting up meetings, pushing a group of people to commit to the first event or action they want to take' (http://janeelix.wordpress.com/2011/08/10/hannah_aulby/).

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