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List of Occupations

Carr, Stella Grace Maisie (1912 - 1988), Botanist and Ecologist
Ajani, Judith, Environmental researcher and Resource economist
Richardson, Susan (Sue) (1946 - ), Economist
White, Isobel Mary (1912 - 1997), Anthropologist and Economist
Ecumenical religious leader
Skuse, Jean, Ecumenical religious leader
Davis, Beatrice, Editor and Literary mentor
Gribble, Diana (1942 - 2011), Businesswoman, Editor and Publisher
Lyell, Lottie Edith (1890 - 1925), Actor, Art director, Director, Editor, Film writer and Producer
McPhee, Hilary (1941 - ), Editor, Publisher and Writer
a'Beckett, Ada Mary, Community Worker, Educationist and Scientist
Daly, Ann, Educationist and Religious Sister
Falk, Barbara (1910 - 2008), Educationist and Historian
Jones, Kathleen Annie Gilman, Educationist and Feminist
McLaughlin, Clara Jane, Educationist and Religious Sister
Willard, Myra (1887 - 1971), Educationist and Historian
Churcher, Elizabeth (Betty) (1931 - ), Arts administrator and Educator
Gibson, Emily, Educator, Garden designer, Horticulturist, Landscape architect, Pioneer and Writer
Giese, Nancy, Community leader and Educator
Kernot, Cheryl, Educator, Parliamentarian and Teacher
MacKenzie, Geraldine (1900 - 1980), Educator and Missionary
MacKillop, Mary Helen, Educator and Religious Sister
Martin, Jean Isobel (1923 - 1979), Educator and Sociologist
Mellor, Olive, Author, Educator, Garden designer, Horticulturist and Radio broadcaster
O'Brien, Catherine Cecily, Educator and Religious Sister
Osborn, Lorna Grace (1922 - 2011), Educator
Reid, Elizabeth Anne, Consultant, Educator and Public speaker
Taylor, Cheryl (1948 - ), Aboriginal academic and Educator
Ungunmerr-Baumann, Miriam Rose (1950 - ), Aboriginal activist, Aboriginal artist, Artist and Educator
Webb, Michelle (1968 - ), Educator
Weir, Margaret Williams, Educator, Naval officer and Teacher
O'Kane, Mary Josephine (1954 - ), Company director, Engineer, Scientist and University vice-chancellor
Tabberer, Maggie, Entrepreneur, Fashion designer, Fashion editor, Model, Publisher and Television personality
Environmental researcher
Ajani, Judith, Environmental researcher and Resource economist
Alexander, Karen Ruth, Environmentalist
Aulby, Hannah Helen, Environmentalist
Beder, Sharon, Environmentalist and Professor
Beynon, Nicola Jane, Adviser, Advocate and Environmentalist
Blakers, Margaret, Environmentalist and Political adviser
Chalmers, Millicent Anne, Environmentalist and Lawyer
Crossley, Louise, Environmentalist
Dowsett, Brigid Helen, Environmentalist
Eldridge, Ilana Frances, Environmentalist and Journalist
Henderson, Judy Isabel, Environmentalist, Natural Resource Manager and Paediatrician
Keating, Colma Derlua Monica, Consultant, Environmentalist and Policy adviser
Keto, Aila Inkeri, Biochemist and Environmentalist
Lambert, Judith Anne, Consultant, Environmentalist, Policy adviser and Research scientist
Mann, Maria Katrina, Environmentalist and Psychologist
Milne, Christine Anne, Environmentalist, Parliamentarian and School teacher
O'Shannassy, Kelly-Ann, Environmentalist, Policy-maker and Scientist
Putt, Margaret Ann, Environmentalist and Parliamentarian
Redwood, Jill, Environmentalist
Rice, Janet Elizabeth, Councillor, Environmentalist, Facilitator, Mayor and Scientist
Russell, Vicki-Jo, Environmentalist
Sandwell, Grecian Edith, Environmentalist
Schultz, Beth, Environmentalist
Selvey, Linda Anne, Environmentalist, Immunologist and Public health advocate
Siewert, Rachel Mary, Agricultural scientist, Environmentalist and Parliamentarian
Tillack, Gemma, Environmentalist
Townend, Christine, Animal rights campaigner and Environmentalist
Vallentine, Josephine, Environmentalist, Parliamentarian, Peace activist and Teacher
Walsh, Philippa Jane, Environmentalist
Watson, Giz, Builder, Environmentalist and Parliamentarian
Weber, Jenny Catherine, Environmentalist
Wright, Penelope Lesley, Environmentalist, Lawyer and Parliamentarian
Equal Opportunity practitioner
Harper, Janice Mary (Jan), Equal Opportunity Practitioner, Feminist and Sociologist
Marles, Fay Surtee (1926 - ), Businesswoman, Equal Opportunity practitioner, Social worker and University chancellor
Equal pay campaigner
Harken, Nennie (1922 - ), Equal pay campaigner, Teacher and Trade unionist
Lawson, Betty (1920 - 2008), Equal pay campaigner, Teacher and Trade unionist
Weekes, Clara (1852 - 1937), Equal pay campaigner, Feminist, Pacifist, Suffragist, Teacher and Trade unionist
Ethnic activist
Marginson, Melba (c. 1950 - ), Ethnic activist and Ethnic advocate
Ethnic advocate
Marginson, Melba (c. 1950 - ), Ethnic activist and Ethnic advocate
Ethnic leader
Lau, Marion (1943 - ), Administrator, Ethnic leader and Nurse
Messimeri-Kianidis, Voula (c. 1950 - ), Community worker, Ethnic leader and Feminist
Mottee, Matina (1931 - ), Ethnic Leader
Nguyen, Cam, Ethnic leader
Paxinos, Kaliope, Community leader and Ethnic leader
Rose, Deborah Bird, Ethnographer
Stow, Cathrine Eliza Sommerville (Katie) (1856 - 1940), Ethnographer, Pastoralist and Writer
Austin-Broos, Diane Joyce (1946 - ), Anthropologist and Ethnohistorian
Barwick, Diane Elizabeth (1938 - 1986), Activist, Anthropologist and Ethnohistorian
Mackinnon, Gracemary (1911 - ), Executive and Public servant