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Gruszka Mietka papers

Gruszka Mietka papers
Migrant Communities Archive
JS Battye Library of West Australian History, State Library of Western Australia
MN 1801; ACC 5633A plus 6 more
Date Range
1980 - 2003
Gruszka, Meitka (c. 1938 - )

The papers reflect Meitka Gruszka's involvement in the Ethnic Communities Council of Western Australia, the Catholic Migrant Centre and the National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters' Council, and her concern generally with issue relating to multiculturalism. A number of records from the three organisations are included in the papers, which comprise brochires, business'corporate plans, financial statements, grants, minutes, newsletters, posters, programmes and reports.

Detailed listing available; MN 1801

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