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Daley, Henrietta (Jessie) Shaw

(1890 – 1943)
  • Born 17 May, 1890, Malvern Victoria Australia
  • Died 10 November, 1943, Mosman New South Wales Australia
  • Occupation Community worker


After moving to Canberra with her family in 1926, Jessie Daley became involved with a variety of community associations. She joined the Canberra Society of Arts and Literature, was the first President of the Canberra Ladies’ Choir, became a member (later President) of the Canberra Golf Club Associates as well as being a member of the Canberra Women’s Hockey Club and school associations.

In 1930 Daley became President of the local Girl Guides’ association and was district commissioner (1931-1932).

A member of the Canberra Mothercraft Society, Daley was Vice-President from 1930 until March 1935 when she became President. It was at a difficult time for the society with board disharmony and staffing problems. She resigned as President in May 1935 and was not re-elected.

Daley became a member of the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA), using her expertise to organise social, sporting and cultural activities as a welcome for newcomers to the city and to raise funds for charity. In 1937 she became Vice-President of the YWCA’s Canberra branch and a non-resident member of the national board.

On 4 July 1939 Daley was elected Foundation President of the Australian Capital Territory branch of the National Council of Women. The Council worked with the Canberra Relief Society to assist the needy.

Jessie Daley died of cancer on 10 November 1943 at Mosman.

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