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League of Women Voters Victoria

(From 1945 – )
  • Nationality Australian
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The League of Women Voters Victoria began in August 1945 when three women’s organisations agreed to combine: the Victorian Women’s Citizens Movement, the League of Women Voters, and Women for Canberra. The first President of the League was Mrs Julia Rapke JP OBE.

The League aims to encourage people, young and old, to regard their vote as a privilege and a right, to be exercised seriously.

Each year there are three events held, two marking important milestones for Victorian women voters and a seminar to encourage young women to get to know women politicians:

– March 31, 1909 when Victorian women first gained the right to vote in State elections, and
– May 12, 1924 when Victorian were first able to stand for the Victorian Parliament.
– Young Women’s Leadership Seminar held at Parliament House, organised by the Parliament’s Education Office.

The Bessie Mabel Rischbeith Memorial Trust is conducted under the auspices of the League as a tribute to a remarkable Australian woman.

Published resources

  • Book
    • A Great Idea: Peace and Women Politicians in Victoria, Geddes, Margaret, 1987
    • Women's sphere : a summary of the movement for women's electoral reform and representation in Victoria, Mackay, Louise, 1904- [prepared by ], 1989
  • Resource

Archival resources

  • State Library of Victoria
    • Records, [manuscript].
    • Papers, 1948-1984 [manuscript].
  • National Library of Australia, Manuscript Collection
    • Reports 1978-1979 [manuscript]
  • The University of Melbourne Archives
    • Pethybridge, Eva
    • Moore, Edith Eliza Harrison

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