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Murdoch, Madoline (Nina)

(1890 – 1976)
  • Born 19 October, 1890, North Carlton, Melbourne Victoria Australia
  • Died 16 April, 1976, Camberwell Victoria
  • Occupation Journalist, Print journalist, Teacher, Writer


After winning a Bulletin prize in 1913 for a sonnet about Canberra, Nina Murdoch published a book of verse, Songs of the Open Air. She was one of the first women general reporters at the Sydney Sun, and from 1922 was working in Melbourne at the Sun News-Pictorial using the pen-name ‘Manin’. She was the first woman permitted to cover Senate debates. In 1930, Murdoch published Seventh Heaven, a Joyous Discovery of Europe, based on her own travels. Another book, She Travelled Alone in Spain, followed five years later. Her last book, Portrait in Youth of Sir John Longstaff, was published in 1948.


  • 1920 - 1940

Published resources

  • Resource Section
  • Edited Book
    • 200 Australian Women: A Redress Anthology, Radi, Heather, 1988
  • Book
    • Songs of the Open Air, Murdoch, Nina, 1915
    • Seventh Heaven, Murdoch, Nina, 1930
    • More Songs of the Open Air, Murdoch, Nina, 1922
    • Portrait of Miss Emily: A tale in which the heroine from Birmingham is invited to a French wedding, upsets another and is responsible for a third, Murdoch, Nina, 1931
    • She Travelled Alone in Spain, Murdoch, Nina, 1935
    • Tyrolean June: A Summer Holiday in Austrian Tyrol, Murdoch, Nina, 1936
    • Vagrant in Summer: Holiday Memories of Nine European Towns, Murdoch, Nina, 1937
    • Portrait in Youth of Sir John Longstaff, Murdoch, Nina, 1948
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