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Temperance Alliance of South Australia

(From 1884 – )
  • Occupation Lobby group, Religious organisation


The Temperance Alliance of South Australia was inaugurated on 15th August 1884 as a result of the failure of existing temperance organizations to accommodate moderate drinkers who were nevertheless interested in the reform of the liquor trade. The general aim of the Alliance was to educate the public on the dangers of excessive drinking. Emphasis was placed on educating the young and the South Australian Band of Hope Union was formed in 1916 to address this. The Alliance was a strong organization and provided valuable support for other temperance organizations such as the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union in joint projects such as the fight for women’s suffrage. For instance the Alliance was part of a Temperance Electoral Committee that sent out copies of a pamphlet entitled ‘How to vote’. Matthew Wood Green, pastor of the Grote Street Christian Church, became general secretary of the Alliance in 1888 and edited the Alliance and Temperance News, a publication that supported women’s suffrage and opened the subject to men as well. Although this organization was not a women’s organization per se, women played an active role via the Women’s Committee.

Published resources

  • Book
    • In her own name : women in South Australian history, Jones, Helen, 1926-, 1986
    • Praise the pioneers and pursue their program : Temperance Alliance of South Australia centenary book 1884-1984, Saunders, Phil, [1984]
  • Newsletter
    • The Alliance news : the organ of the South Australian Alliance, W.C.T. Union and the temperance organizations of the colony, [1898-1907]
  • Resource

Archival resources

  • State Library of South Australia
    • Temperance Alliance of S.A. : SUMMARY RECORD