Many images in this exhibition have been supplied by relatives and are acknowledged as such, and thanked for permitting reproduction. Others are credited to the institution which has granted permission for their reproduction. Other images are public domain images and we have provided links to the institutions which hold them.

Nurse and patient, 31st British General Hospital, Abbassia, Egypt, c.1918. From the album of Sister Eileen Agnes Burke.

The nursing image on the Home page and Nurses Abroad page is from the album of Sister Eileen Agnes Burke. More information can be found about this image at Eileen Burke nursed at Abbassia at the 31st British General Hospital at the same time as some of the nurses featured in this exhibition (Evelyn and Janet Gallagher, and Alma McKnight). Perhaps she knew them, and perhaps one of them is the subject of this photograph.

Miss Coll is shown knitting socks direct from the fleece of a sheep, for the Australian Comforts Fund.

It was difficult to find representative images of women from the Canberra community. We chose the image of a sock knitter (even though the subject is Victorian) because it captured the feeling of what we know from our research. This image is in the public domain, courtesy of the Australian War Memorial, with the following description: 'Melbourne, Victoria. War work. From fleece to sock. Miss Coll is shown knitting socks direct from the fleece of a sheep. The Australian Comforts Fund then packed the socks into bales. As seen on the left of the photograph, and shipped them overseas to Australian troops.' H02438 -


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