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Papers of Sylvia Kinder

Papers of Sylvia Kinder
State Library of South Australia
PRG 1500
Date Range
1970 - 1986
Kinder, Sylvia
Sylvia Kinder

Sylvia Kinder was active in the Adelaide Women's Liberation Movement. As a teacher she was active with the South Australian Institute of Teachers (SAIT) questioning the sexist teaching practices within schools. She was active in changing education standards to include girls, the use of non sexist language in school and equal opportunities for girls. Sylvia was a member of the Australian Women's Education Coalition (SA Branch). She was involved in the establishment of the Adelaide Women's Liberation Movement, Women's Studies Resource Centre, Adelaide Women's Liberation Movement Archives and the Hindmarsh Women's Community Health Centre. She was a member of International Women's Year National Advisory Committee 1974-1976. The need for a women's studies courses became apparent to Sylvia and other concerned teachers and set about setting up the a women's library as part of the Women's Liberation Movement. Books and papers where donated and the Women's Studies Resource Centre was created. She taught women's studies at the Women's Studies Resource Centre. She was A collective member of Liberation, Adelaide Women's Liberation Newsletter. She served on the Status of Women's Standing Committee from 1974-1976. Sylvia addressed International Women's Day rallies or marches. She helped organise conferences including the Young Women's Festival and the Women in Labour Conference both held in Adelaide. She was also active in gay liberation in South Australia. Some of the other groups she was involved in are Women Behind Bars, Salisbury Women's Group Newsletter, Salisbury Women's Health centre, National Women's Consultative Council, SAIT Professional Development Committee, International Women's Day Collective. Women's Theatre Group (South Australia). There is a collection of taped interviews with South Australian feminist including Pat Ronald, Liz Byard, Anna Yeatman, Judy Gillett, Betty Fisher, Connie Frazer, Debroah McCulloch, Jill Mathews, Sue Higgins (Sheridan) and Gail Tauscher. Sylvia Kinder wrote Herstory of the Adelaide Women's Liberation Movement 1969-1974.

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