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Ward, Elizabeth (Biff)

  • Occupation Feminist, social activist, Writer


Born in New South Wales in 1942, Elizabeth (Biff Ward) was an active protester and a key member of the Women for Survival anti-nuclear group. She was instrumental in the organisation and running of the Pine Gap Peace Camp in 1983. Biff lived in Adelaide from 1984 to 1996, and in that time was the first Equal Opportunity Officer at the South Australian Institute of Technology and also worked as a workplace trainer with Trish Fairley and Peter Lee. She published the book Father-Daughter Rape in 1984 and Three’s Company in 1992.

In Adelaide she was associated with Friendly Street Poets, publishing Three’s Company. Currently she is organising tours in Vietnam. Biff is a proud member of the Vietnam Veteran’s Federation.

Published resources

Archival resources

  • State Library of South Australia
    • Feminist Anti-Nuclear Group (FANG) records

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