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League of Women Voters of South Australia

(From 1909 – 1979)


Originally formed in 1909 as the Women’s Political Association, its name was quickly changed to the Women’s Non-Party Political Association and then the Women’s Non-Party Association. Catherine Helen Spence spoke at the inaugural meeting and introduced the major planks of the Association which were ‘Equal Federal Marriage and Divorce Laws’, and ‘Equal Pay for Equal Work’. In 1939 the Association changed its name to the League of Women Voters. This was an Australian-wide title that enabled its aims to be more widely known. The League remained politically active in these areas and was instrumental in the development of a Parliamentary Bill to enact the principle of equality for female and male parents which was passed in 1940. In later years the League developed a close relationship with the Women’s Electoral Lobby, acting as a mentor. In 1979 the League was voluntarily wound up as it was felt that the Women’s Electoral Lobby could carry on its work. Ellinor Walker gave the valedictory address.

Published resources

  • Book
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  • Report
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  • Newsletter
    • News letter / League of Women Voters of S.A, League of Women Voters of South Australia, 1968-1979
  • Resource

Archival resources

  • State Library of South Australia
    • List of holidays
    • League of Women Voters of S.A. : SUMMARY RECORD

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